I could sit here and watch a sunset like this forever. Soaking in every feeling and thoughts that comes with viewing a magnificent display by mother nature.

Welcome to 2020 {01.01.20}

Welcome to 2020! Hard to believe another decade gone, and a new decade on the way. I look back at so many things that have taken place over the last decade and it leaves me in awe. A year can fly by, and before you know it, one year turns to 2, into 5 and into a decade..... this next decade can pass just as quickly. It's important we live each day. Adventures are important... and exploring the nature around us, even if you don't go on a vacation, get out and explore what is around you.

In no particular order, the above photos are my personal favorites from the year. Not because of their composition or quality, but rather, the memory that they bring with them. I can only hope that this year is full of many wonderful experiences and memories, along with exploring and having some adventures. 

Get out and enjoy 2020!!

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