Oxbow Bend

Fall Is On The Way {09.10.19}

The changing of the seasons is once again upon us here in Utah! Each time fall starts to make an appearance, I'm reminded how much I wish fall lasted just as long as summer seems to hang on. Having all four seasons here really does allow us the experience of seeing all mother nature has to offer. But let's be honest.... fall is the best! The cooler temps, the changing of the leaves. And I'm not opposed to saying I'm all about the pumpkin spice lattes.

Last fall, life was throwing some obstacles my direction, so I did not get out shooting nearly as much as I would have liked. And honestly...my creativity was hitting a brick wall. This year I'm not entirely sure I'm out of that funk, but definitely on the way out of it! 

Staring up at this formidable mountain peak, the sun changes and moves as it sets for the day. I can sit here, drinking a coffee, just soaking in all the movement it offers.

What are you doing this fall to soak it all in? Remember to stop and enjoy it. Pause from life and just watch the sun set one evening. Breathe it all in! Before we know it....winter will be here (gasp!!!)!

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