Another evening in Yachats, enjoying the waves as they crash into the rocky shore.

Crashing Into Your Soul {11.26.19}

Crashing Into Your Soul

The sound of the crashing waves shakes you to your core. Near Yachats, Oregon. A beautiful day in October, fall temperatures in the air, whale watching season in full swing, it's a magical place.

Winter is on its way where I live. But just a month ago I sat on this coastline, soaking up the last of the warm autumn temperatures, and listening to the sound of the waves.

The crashing of these waves, will literally shake you to your core as you hear the thunder rock through the rocks to the soles of your shoes. This part of the coastline can easily have sneaker waves, so it's always best to be vigilant and watch from a safe distance. I sat here for what felt like days, but came to only about an hour, wondering around this bit of the coast, soaking it all in.

The Oregon coast is so various in landscape from some gorgeous sandy beaches for  relaxing in a beach chair, to rocky shorelines for the enthusiasts that love the sound of crashing waves. You can find it all in Oregon; if you've not been.... you need to add it to your bucket list! I find a new place every time we visit, a new perspective from the last visit. The adventures are endless! 

This particular trip we spent most of our time around Yachats. So many places visit, explore and just sit and enjoy! We fell asleep each night with the sound of the crashing waves growing a bit softer as the tide went out, and woke each day anxious for what excitement high tide would bring!

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