I could sit here and watch a sunset like this forever. Soaking in every feeling and thoughts that comes with viewing a magnificent display by mother nature.

Autumn Leaves and Changes of Seasons! {10.12.19}

This autumn seasons has not been disappointing!! It has been full of color, that lasted for days and weeks, full of reds, oranges and yellows! In the recent years, the reds have not been as vibrant locally due to drier winters.

Last winter though.... we had more than normal snow pack so that contributed to a good water season and in turn, some more vibrant fall colors to be seen

!Living by the mountains, the change in the colors is seen daily, and what a treat it is!

My favorite time of day has been mid morning, when there are a few clouds in the sky, enough that add depth to the sky but don't overcast the sun. The play of the shadows on the mountain hillside, with the fall colors dancing in the breezes, it's fantastic!

If you've not already, get out there and go for a fall drive! Enjoy this beautiful season, because as usual, it never lasts as long as we'd love it to!

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