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Winter morning, New Year's Day January 1, 2019. Wind blowing the snow around Lone Peak of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

Blog Post by Kelly | January 18, 2017

Introducing A Few New Galleries

I knew as 2016 drew to a close, I needed, and frankly wanted, to spend more time this year on my personal photography.  I have a few goals and projects in mind for the year, and I can't wait to share those throughout the year.

As I spend more time this year focusing on some personal photography projects, it lead me to realize I needed to give some much needed TLC to my landscape and nature galleries.  They were sorely neglected over the last year as portrait sessions have kept me busy.

My first step to give my landscape and nature galleries the TLC they deserved was to actually create some better organized galleries.  I love my landscapes, but let's face it... they were lumped into just a few galleries, and some were titled erratically from another.

Introducing my newly created collections!  I hope you love what I've put together.  Enjoy a bit of mother nature that surrounds us.

As always, prints and wall art are available for purchase right here on my website. :)

New Gallery Collections

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